Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More studio time

It is time to get ready for the Potter's Guild Show coming up next week at the Boulder County Fairgrounds in Longmont. Hurray for the boat people!


Jacky said...

I just LOVE your "boat people" you sell them and could they be sent overseas?

Your pottery is really beautiful.


ArtPropelled said...

Whimsically wonderful!

Jacky said...

Hi Caroline,

I am in Australia. Long journey?


donna said...

I love them, too! I love everything you do! My mother and I are going to the Loveland show next summer. I hope you will be there again. I am also wondering if you ship. - donna

ps I bought a kiln because of you :)

caroline douglas said...

Hi Jacky,
My pieces are a bit fragile for that trip but I always wanted to go to AUSTRALIA! I hope to figure out shipping soon. Thanks for your support.

Many thanks, Robyn. Love your blog!

SO glad you got a kiln! Keep me posted!
I won't be at Loveland, instead I will be in San Francisco at that time. I could ship to Portland,
that 's a beautiful place! Thank you!

Momo Luna S!gnals said...

Oh I love your boatpeople also very much. In fact i love all your beautiful little creatures....

Sweet greetz from Holland.

caroline douglas said...

Hi Momo Luna, I love what you are doing with your art.
Amazing! Do you know the work of Meinrad Craighead. I think you might like it. All the best and thanks for your support.

donna said...

Well, I am not going to CO if you aren't even going to be there. lol ;) (My cousins may get mad.)

I must get one of your pieces. How? What do you have available? I hope I can afford one. (Did I say that out loud?) :)

That is all I want for Christmas. Well, that and a little chocolate.