Wednesday, September 2, 2009

feels like the end of summer

A day at the reservoir. It was so fun! A huge thank you to Kristin, David and Jackson! 
                                      Woo Hoo!

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lynne h said...

wow, that little boat that flies over the water looks like fun!! i agree, it does feel like the end of summer... the angle of the light is getting very fallish...

caroline, guess what i got yesterday for my birthday?! i was given one of your pieces by a friend (kathy dorfer)! i just about popped with joy when i saw what it was!!! it's a woman's head with antlers/horns, and it's now on my altar, front and center. i'm just so, so happy about this and i had to tell you... xo (soon i'll go collect some juniper sprigs to put in her)