Monday, August 3, 2009

The great flood of Cherry Creek 2009.

SO this was an education!  I don't know why I didn't think that much about the weather..3 long days....first the heat, then 12 inches of water as a river in the booth. WHoa, I was inside the tent trying to push off the pools of water on each corner of the booth tent for 45 minutes of intense storming! because someone said to me as it started raining... oh that kind of tent tends to collapse. Crying turned into hysterical laughing half way through...maybe I wouldn't do so well living outside. That was the first day. 

I would do it again. 


ArtPropelled said...

Oh noooo, that must have put a damper on things....and yet you'd do it again. Hope the other two days really made up for the rough start. Your work looks wonderful, rain or shine.

lynne h said...

jeez, caroline -- what a *thing*. but you'd do it again... : )


caroline douglas said...

Thank you, Robyn, for the compliment! I guess I can only learn more about things by doing them, right? I am now off to San Francisco for another big adventure! Keep shining your light!

caroline douglas said...

Hi Lynne,
Yeah, wow! It was fun in an odd sort of way.
Have I told you recently how inspiring you are!!!?
What are your favorite books right now?

Lisa Hoffman said...

Can you see me cringing!??!
Heat? Sheets of rain?....any locusts?
what a hero. I hope that you sold down to the bone!