Monday, January 26, 2009

now showing at Pewabic Pottery, Detroit

BUNNIES FOR OBAMA... guess I am slightly obsessed.

This is "a small, evocative, dreamy jewel of a film" from
Go there for enchanted  beauty and exoticness.
 Thanks to for the referral.

Also go to to share in superlatives for our Jess Gonacha for her recent NYTimes award from Spoonflower.


mati said...

I love your bunnies for Obama! super and hopefully multiplying tenfold as the nuts and bolts of the American economy and the world embrace the hope. I also am a fan of the healing aspects of art- my mentor was Christiane Corbat, a sculptor and friend; she studied with Joseph Campbell and helped many people value the arts and healing movement. Thanks for sharing your work.

ArtPropelled said...

I was so busy oohing and aahing at the boat full of bunnies that it took a while before I realized the rock beneath the beautifully patterned boat was actually a bunny too.

lynne h said...

aw, caroline... can you see me slapping my leg in amazement and adoration of the bunny piece?!!!

Elsa said...

I really love your creativity, Caroline! I was a ceramic sculpture major in college and so when I come and visit your blog I get all dreamy and want to play with some clay. There's a kiln in my basement but little time to do anything with it. Some day...
Your work is very lovely!