Thursday, December 25, 2008

Inner Christmas

 I wish you all a happy holiday. This time of year is so full of possibilities.. let's dream big and plant seeds now to come to  harvest the coming year. Enjoy these long cold nights and short days when the sun hovers low in the sky. According to anthroposophy,  the days and nights between Christmas and January 6, the epiphany, contain a world of possibilities... As we create intentions each day , it corresponds to the months of the coming year. Christmas day corresponds to January, Dec. 26 is Feb and etc. Watch who we meet during these days, they may figure prominently in the upcoming months. It is such a quiet time here in Coloado, it is easy to go inward and contemplate our inner stirrings and desires for ourselves and the world. May all beings be happy!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your good wishes. The photos look warm and beautiful. Wishing you a happy and safe holiday season.

lynne h said...

caroline, i am sending you love and wishes for a beauty filled new year...