Sunday, September 14, 2008

firing kilns

I am so honored that Jeane from Art It gave me a blog award. Thank you Jeane!! I am stunned. I feel like I have not gotten into the swing of blogging. This week was full of glazing, firing kilns   and fixing a kiln. There was very little time for anything else. So how do you fellow artists work this into your schedule?  Although I did take a hike in the hills above Boulder after being so inspired to be outside by Lynne. Here are a few photos of the week. Soon I will send the blog award on to some favorites.


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Wow! Look at all that amazing goodness loaded into that kiln! I hope you will show us some of your amazing new goodies!

Jeane Myers said...

Caroline - to answer the time thingy?, for me? - I get a little piece of carved time in the morning and then if I'm not just dead on my head at night, I get a little more time, BUT for me, and if you look at my sidebar on my blog, BWO means, blogging without obligation - when mine becomes a chore, I'm done - I can go weeks without a post and may I say, I can hardly wait to see what is coming out of the kiln!

Anonymous said...

Seeing a fully loaded kiln brings me back to my Skidmore days.
I have been blogging for three years,I have not quite figured out what the best formula is...I just talk about what I my art now and then. I visit favorite blogs and try to comment on them as often as possible.
Life often gets in the way, but ones life is always potential blog fodder :)

Lisa H said...

Close ups of the kiln, wait...let's just see the finished pieces since these guys have already been cooked, right?

I just want to see everything.