Friday, August 29, 2008

all hands on deck for glazing

My lovely summer assistant, Zoey Frank, who is an amazing artist, studying in Seattle. Her blog is 


Anonymous said...

More Magic.
I just dropped into Zoey's Blog. Whoa. She's SO talented. Perfect that the two of you would work together.

jude said...

thank you for coming by and commenting on my blog, always nice to hear from new people. your work is magical. i remember as a little child, my parents used to make little figures out of clay and line them up along my bed frame so i would see them in the morning when i woke up. your work gives me a wonderful feeling like that. thanks.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Caroline, I just can't even begin to imagine how time consuming and tricky all the glazing must be for your incredible pieces. So glad you have an assistant to help you when needed!!

caroline douglas said...

Hi Lisa, I so appreciate your support on this blogging experience.
Thanks Jude for visiting. I love that image of your parents lining up figures of clay on your bed for you to see when you woke! That is fabulous!
And always nice to see your smiling face, Maryam.
Yes, glazing is very time consuming! And when it works, it is so satisfying!

Unknown said...

oh caroline, i can't wait to see you!!!!! just a few weeks! i miss you way too much.

(and ha ha... wouldn't it be funny if we wore matching dresses at the wedding?) :)