Thursday, August 14, 2008

Clay Piece of the Day


       Evening at Home


Unknown said...

I LOVE IT!!!! oh my gosh, caroline, i LOVE seeing comments from you on my blog now and being able to comment on yours!!!

I'll call you this weekend so we can chat about the wedding!


Anonymous said...

There is nothing like spending an evening with your best friend.

Anonymous said...

How can every piece be more compelling than the next?

I'm thinking that you're soon going to be followed by the paparrazi. Get out your trench coat and fedora, Miz Clay Rock Star.

caroline douglas said...

You all are SO sweet! Thanks for commenting!

lynne h said...

that lisa... she always thinks of the best things to say!!! (have you gotten your trench coat out yet? : )

Anonymous said...

Drop dead gorgeous work and with any luck and a visit to Etsy I maaaay be able to possess one!

Good to see blogging, I come to your space via Lisa Hoffman.